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  Heirloom Eggs, Port of Newhaven , Iceland and a new World Cup Football Novel, are the four features of this website.

Heirloom Eggs by Primrose

Egg decorating is the craft of cutting and decorating real eggshells. The feature includes some examples and a description of this type of work.

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The Port of Newhaven

This historic South Coast port has so much of interest but is engaged in a constant struggle against economic and environmental adversity.

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Iceland Clockwise

Iceland has great beauty and there are places where you can experience the strange feeling that you are the only person on the planet.

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1966 - The Long Game
by Brian Lec

The  World Cup Football Finals in England in 1966 are the background to this new 60000 word novel of crime and devastating retribution.

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New in this update

Iceland Clockwise and
Newhaven News

   updated on 5th March 2017

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